1990 – Original Back at the Ranch, a vintage Western kitch store opened

1996 – Started to evolve from a vintage western store to a handmade custom boot store.

2004 – Trademark established. Introduced the Zipper Boots.

2008 – Online store developed and started shipping worldwide.

2010 – Introduced the mule.

1992 – The Cowboy Boot Book was released and put us on the map. This was the first of many publications.

2000 – Moved our offices and retail location to a historic building on Marcy Street, Santa Fe.

2007 – Our Factory, Boots from the Ranch, opened in El Paso, Texas and started to produce our bespoke handmade custom designed boots. 

2010 – Introduced the all-weather cowboy boot with a vibram sole.

2015 – Revival of the shoe boot.

2015 – Selected as an official sponsor of Rolls Royce.

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